About Us

Project Shift is in the business of creating and revolutionizing the automobile industry. Our customer focused approach allows us to gain a competitive advantage by allowing us to get any product a customer needs or wants. We want to travel with you on your road to customization and make sure you achieve your goals and objectives at the right time with the best products. With our passion and expertise, we will create the perfect customization for you.

In our belief, upgrading of a car has four variables that influence each customization that we develop for our clients, these four variables are:

1. Capital available.
2. Resources.
3. Time.
4. Technology.

At Project shift we first explain all the variables to our client and gather the information we require to develop "The Plan". Once we have received all information and taken all our clients requests into account, we develop the customization. We present the plan to the client and make changes that the client may require. Once the client is happy we implement all the recommendations and attend to everything while the client carries on with their everyday life.

Our core competence is in the field of local and international product sourcing. We are also well placed to provide sound advice in each of these areas. Our employees are ranged from experienced individuals to graduated professionals. Customer service is our number one objective.

Through wide network of experts in various specialized fields it enables us to offer expertise in Software (European Software), Carbon Fiber Developments (R&D), suspension, performance upgrades and many more. Plus, if you have an idea we are up to the challenge!

Long trusting relationships, as well as mutual respect, is what we want from our clients. With our core values set in stone we guarantee the utmost respect to our clients.

We guarantee exceptional service and the utmost respect to our clients because our business model is designed to support ethics and objectivity, aimed at building and maintaining trust. With the Project Shift Lifestyle we do not only want to personalise your car but add excitement to your life. From parties to drinks to dyno days and drag days, the Project Shift Lifestyle is about fun and family. It is not only about your car, we want you to bring the family and enjoy the atmosphere (for the kids radio controlled cars and jumping castles and for the ladies get your nails done as well as free hair advice and much more) *.

So come walk down the road of customization with us and join the Life Style! See us on the BMW Fanatics Forum or contact us directly.

* - subjected to individual events and see event arrangement.

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