Charge Pipe

Upgrade your flimsy OEM chargepipe to our heavy duty meth bung equipped replacement. In addition to sturdier construction and 3" diameter for increased flow this version of our charge pipe allows you to maintain your OEM or upgraded OEM style diverter valves. Perfect for the enthusiast looking for a stealthy setup.

Additional Information

For those of you who use methanol injection or may want to use methanol injection some day the kit includes a preinstalled bung ready to receive your 1/8" NPT nozzle like the CM10 we include with all of our methanol kits. Just remove the included cap to install your nozzle and you're off and running. And unlike other charge pipes our methanol bung features a full cone relief for a clean and unobstructed methanol spray pattern.

Since the kit uses all OEM style hardware it installs as easily as your OEM pipe with no cutting or relocating of parts as is common place with other kits. Install and removal takes only minutes. This is simply the highest quality OEM replacement charge pipe you can buy for your N54 or N55 motor.

** N54 is the twin-turbo motor. N55 is the Single turbo motor. If you require any help please call us so we may be of assistance.