N54 and N55 Front Mount Intercooler

Higher density FMIC's turbo Motor.

Additional Information

Why do you need an intercooler?

All turbo charged cars require an intercooler. Without the intercooler the radiator will work too hard cooling down the motor which will lead to more serious problems.

The purpose of an intercooler is to cool down pressurized air moving from the turbocharger to the throttle.

All intercoolers are air to air. (**What is a charge cooler?)

The easiest way to understand intercoolers is that there are 2 fins, one fin faces forward while another faces horizontally. air from the turbo moves through the intercooler horizontally and is cooled via the air that is being moved through the intercooler.

1. Hot air moves from the turbo into the intercooler.
2. Air has now passed through the intercooler and is cooler/cold, it now moves to towards the throttle.
3. Atmospheric air passes through the intercooler and cools the ‘fins’.

These are simple points but they are key to understanding what an intercooler is and what it does.

If you currently have a turbocharged car with a standard intercooler an upgraded option will easily add 20WHP and decrease your intake temperatures allowing for your car to improve the airflow into the motor. Remember not to go too big for your motor and turbo setup or it will cause lag, it won't damage the motor at all but the turbo maybe take that half a second longer to spool up!

We have specialized intercoolers and intercooler kits designed for most cars and their bolt-on modifications,
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