Interior and Exterior Lightning

Changing the Lighting in and around your car is a personal choice but why keep the monotonous colour of your orange or green dashboard? A brand new LED finish will completely improve on the aesthetics of the car. Put in LED rear lights and HID or Xenon kits to improve other drivers ability to see your vehicle at night and increase your night visibility.

Additional Information

Lighting Options

There are many options available for various cars. Our main supplier is Bimmian who specialises in BMW lighting and accessories as well as Umnitza who specialise in car lighting.

White Xenon angel eyes and headlights, rear LED lights with smoked lenses, in car LED's, angel eyes for other makes of cars beside BMW's. The pictures tell the story!

Xenon HID kits come in varying strengths from 4000k to 12000k. The K stands for Kelvin which is a unit of measurement for brightness. 2000K is your general yellow car light which 4000K being a mix between yellow and white. 6000K is pure white while 8000K starts going purple and is very bright. Anything above 8000K is exceptionally bright and not legal for road use as it can distract drivers and disturb their vision.

We have such a long list of lighting accessories for cars. You are more than welcome to look at the Bimmian website and tell us which product you want and we will get it for you without a problem.

Project Shift is the official Bimmian dealer of Southern Africa.