Cars are electronically controlled by the ECU (electronic control unit). Ecu flashing, remapping or chip tuning has been around for years and it is improving daily. With the design of new motors engine modifications are becoming more difficult and nearly impossible. By calibrating and adjusting the fuel, air, ignition, boost parameters in a car, we can successfully gain power and improve fuel economy from an otherwise standard motor or integrate other modifications so that they will perform in unison.

Project Shift has partnered with CA Technologies International (UK) to deliver the most powerful software tuning product to the South African market.

CA has been in the business for over 10 years and has built some of the fastest cars in Europe and the world. Their software engineer has many years of experience and often travels to other countries throughout the year to tune vehicles. CA has entrusted their products and knowledge to Project Shift Racing Developments to bring the customer the best quality money can buy.

What is software?

Simply, Software is the art of altering a vehicles programming variables in order to increase power and economy. All maps are custom made to suit each vehicles individual characteristics and modifications.

Within the mapping process, diagnostics and certain tests are performed in order to determine that the vehicle is running optimally.

If for any reason the vehicle needs to be reverted back to stock or factory form, the original file is saved and can be uploaded within minutes.


Many factors are purposefully engineered into the vehicles management system. These factors are generally done so that the vehicle will perform the same in all conditions. From the factory, the vehicle is set up to accommodate many different factors, such as: extreme variations of weather, different grades of fuel and atmospheric conditions.

When the vehicle manufacturer maps their vehicles, they have to stick to certain guidelines to ensure that the vehicle will pass emissions and noise regulations. These guidelines are necessary and in turn limit the vehicle in terms of power.

Mapping or chip tuning benefits are gained by ironing out these guidelines, therefore gaining factors like smoothness, throttle response, fuel efficiency and power.

Fuel / Air / Ignition and boost parameters are altered (where appropriate) in order to achieve the best possible results. These parameters are still kept well within safety limits, as to still ensure longevity and durability of the vehicle.

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