Supercharger Kits

The best way to gain power from your motor is to add forced induction. Different from a turbo charger in application, supercharged cars have the ability to produce the same if not more power than a turbocharged car with less fear of damaging the motor. Superchargers produce linear power meaning that there is no lag and a constant power stream at your foot.

Additional Information

How do superchargers work?

Centrifugal Supercharger kits are similar to turbo charger kits, but have no exhaust side housing. A supercharger is spooled by the ‘drive’ belts on a motor, this causes boost and compresses the air. A centrifugal supercharger is the compressor side of a turbo charger with a pulley on the ‘turbine’ side.

Air is sucked in via the intake that connects to the ‘blades’ of the supercharger, it is then compressed and blown into the throttle. Common practice is to either blow direct, or use an intercooler (air to air or charge cooled)

A Twin Screw supercharger operates similarly to a centrifugal supercharger, but it has a different design. Air is sucked in through the top of the supercharger, it is then pulled through 2 lobes called worm gears. These gears cause air compression inside the housing. This happened because the rotors have something called a conical taper, which means that air pockets decrease in size as air moves from one gear to another, hence air is squeezed into a smaller space.

Supercharger Kits can be built from scratch for any car but the fabrication is expensive. Our suppliers kits are made specifically for your car so no fabrication and large modification is required.

General parts list for a supercharger kit:

New Belts
Supercharger Bracket (centrifugal supercharger)
Boost Piping
Larger Injectors
Oil feed and return (if required)
Intake manifold (if required)
Charge cooler / intercooler
Water pump for charge cooler – if used

Our suppliers have built many different supercharger kits for BMW's and other brands of cars, please enquire with us and we can give you the best kit for your car.